Thrones of the Cornerstone

Thrones of the Cornerstone

In the realm of Essex, where the ancient traditions of brotherhood and honor intertwine, the stage is set for an extraordinary gathering. As the summer sun bathes the lands in its golden glow, Essex Cornerstone Lodge prepares to host their Summer Meeting, a majestic event that promises to be nothing short of a legendary saga.


Whispers of ancient tales echo through the halls, as noble knights from far and wide converge upon the hallowed grounds. These valiant warriors, bearers of ancestral wisdom and defenders of chivalry, shall grace the gathering with their presence, enlightening all with their valorous words.


Amidst the towering stone walls of Essex Cornerstone Lodge, a grand hall awaits, adorned with banners displaying the heraldry of esteemed knights. The air is thick with anticipation, as brethren and guests alike don their finest regalia, draped in colors that reflect their noble houses. Jeweled swords and intricate armor glisten in the flickering candlelight, a testament to the strength and resilience of those who wear them.


As the sun begins its descent, casting a fiery glow upon the land, the great feast of a festive board is unveiled. Tables groan under the weight of sumptuous delicacies, a bountiful spread that would satisfy even the most voracious appetite. Savory meats, roasted to perfection, mingle with fragrant herbs and succulent fruits. Goblets of the finest wines and ales stand ready, their golden hues mirroring the shimmering light of a thousand stars.


But it is not only the feast that tantalizes the senses. The air is thick with the spirit of camaraderie and unity, as brethren from various walks of life share tales and laughter, forging bonds that shall endure through the ages. Knights and lords, common folk and wanderers, all come together beneath one roof, bound by the common thread of brotherhood and the pursuit of truth.


In the heart of this grand gathering, Essex Cornerstone Lodge's Summer Meeting commences. The noble knights take to the stage, their voices carrying the weight of history, recounting tales of valor and honor, imparting their wisdom to those who eagerly listen. From tales of legendary battles fought in distant lands to the intricacies of knightly codes and traditions, their words ignite the imaginations of all who bear witness.


As the night deepens and the moon ascends to its throne in the heavens, the echoes of joyous laughter and spirited conversation fill the air. Essex Cornerstone Lodge's Summer Meeting reaches its crescendo, a glorious symphony of unity and celebration, where the past intertwines with the present, forging bonds that will shape the future.


Thus, in the realm of Essex, where legends are born and memories are etched in the annals of time, the Summer Meeting of Essex Cornerstone Lodge shall forever be remembered as a momentous occasion. A gathering that brings together noble knights, enlightening minds, and celebrating the bonds of brotherhood, as they partake in a feast fit for kings, indulging in the true essence of the Game of Thrones.


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A celebration of Mexico & Mexican Freemasonry

A celebration of Mexico & Mexican Freemasonry

This Saturday was our December Lodge installation meeting we had over 90 attended and had a jam packed day which included a post meeting live link to the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mexico, and several members of his Executive.

This was followed by a rather lively Mexican themed Festive Board which included tequila, nachos and a Mariachi band.





Mexican Themed image with Lodge Logo

December's Meeting Theme Announced

This meeting, like all our Lodge meetings, will be action-packed. Firstly we are installing a new Master followed by an incredible 'Mexican' themed Festive Board. There'll be plenty of surprises (and Tequila) along the way!


June 2022 Lodge Meeting

June 2022 Lodge Meeting

On Friday 10th June there was another fantastic meeting of the Essex Cornerstone Lodge.

The Lodge looks to strike a balance between exceptional ritual & floorwork, and the creative planning of the Festive Board & post-toast entertainment. This time was an Ibiza theme, with inflatable decor, rolling tapas buffet starter, huge paella main followed by live entertainment.

There was background music from a DJ booth during the meal, and a live saxophonist playing in time with chilled tunes afterwards. These Lodge meetings are open to all Freemasons, regardless of age, and it’s so wonderful to see so many guests from across the Province connecting in such a unique way.