Cornerstone Summer Vibes in Braintree

Cornerstone Summer Vibes in Braintree

The latest Essex Cornerstone Club social event proved to be an evening to remember, filled with great music, delicious food, and vibrant camaraderie. Held at The Boars Head in Braintree, the night unfolded into a perfect blend of entertainment, culinary delights, and the joy of togetherness.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the band Solar 9, whose electrifying music had everyone on their feet. With a repertoire spanning various genres, they kept the crowd engaged and dancing throughout the night.

The delectable aroma of freshly baked pizza wafted through the air, tantalizing the taste buds of the attendees. The spread featured an array of mouthwatering pizza varieties, catering to different preferences and dietary needs. From classic Margherita to bold BBQ chicken, there was something for every palate. The combination of hearty laughs, animated conversations, and the shared enjoyment of sumptuous pizza forged connections among club members and newcomers alike.

Of course, what's a club social without some refreshing beverages? The Boars Head offered an impressive selection of beers that perfectly complemented the lively atmosphere of the event. The clinking of glasses and heartfelt toasts added an extra layer of conviviality to the night.


The Essex Cornerstone Club's latest social event at The Boars Head in Braintree was a true testament to the power of music, food, and community. It showcased how a shared love for good tunes and great flavors can bring people together, fostering new friendships and rekindling old ones. With the echoes of Solar 9's melodies and the taste of delicious pizza still lingering, attendees are eagerly awaiting the next club gathering to relive the magic all over again.

Our First Cornerstone Picnic

Our First Cornerstone Picnic

The first-ever Essex Cornerstone Picnic unfolded this past weekend, marking a joyous occasion that brought together club members, their partners, and their children for a day of outdoor revelry. Despite the unpredictable weather, the event was full of fun, laughter, and a dash of friendly competition.

One of the highlights of the day was the Badminton competition our Chairman Bernie and Ben were branded the Badminton Bandits. Their nimble racquet skills and strategic smashes, they proved to be the ones to beat on the makeshift court. Charlie showcased his prowess as well, securing an impressive second place in the competition.

Though the sun occasionally played hide-and-seek behind the clouds, the inclement weather couldn't deter the attendees' spirits. Laughter echoed through the park.

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment of the day came from little Elsie, who was captivated by the day's activities, especially the hula-hooping. As the event came to a close, Elsie tugged at her dad's sleeve and exclaimed, "Dad, I like your friends!" This simple statement encapsulated the essence of the day.

The inaugural Essex Cornerstone Picnic served as a testament to the power of coming together, celebrating shared interests, and forging meaningful connections. Despite the weather's occasional whims, the event showcased the resilience and enthusiasm of the club.

An evening of fun at 2023 Members' dinner

An evening of fun at 2023 Members' dinner

The Essex Cornerstone Club's Members Dinner at the In and Out Naval and Military Club was a night of celebration and reflection. The event, held on April 15, 2023, marked a poignant moment for the club and committee as they bid farewell to two of their most valued members, President Barry and Secretary Jon.



The In and Out Club, with its elegant surroundings and rich history, provided the perfect backdrop for this significant occasion. The evening started with a champagne reception, where club members mingled and caught up with old friends. The atmosphere was lively and convivial, with plenty of laughter and reminiscing.




The main event of the evening was the three-course dinner, which was a true culinary delight. The menu showcased some of the finest local produce, expertly prepared by the In and Out club's renowned chefs. The wine flowed, and guests toasted the achievements of the club and its departing members.


As the night wore on, the mood turned reminiscent a speech was made paying tribute to Barry and Jon. The guests reflected on their significant contributions to the club and expressed their deep appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Both Barry gave an emotional speech, expressing his gratitude for the support he had received.


The evening concluded with a rousing round of applause, and many guests lingered on to catch up with old friends and share their memories of the night. The Essex Cornerstone Club's Members Dinner at the In and Out Naval and Military Club was a truly memorable occasion, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

Cornerstone at PGL

Cornerstone at PGL

On March 23rd, 2023, Freemasons Hall in London was bustling with excitement as the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was held, where members of the Essex Cornerstone Club and Lodge were awarded first appointments and promotions. The event marked a significant milestone in the careers of these Freemasons, who were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the craft.


The ceremony was presided over by the Provincial Grand Master, who acknowledged the achievements of the members and praised them for their contributions to the fraternity. The Grand Master highlighted the importance of teamwork, and how it was critical to the success of any lodge or club.


The ten members of the Essex Cornerstone Club and Lodge were awarded first appointments and promotions, which marked a significant milestone in their Masonic journey. Each member was recognized for their unique talents and contributions to the fraternity, with the awards reflecting their hard work and dedication.


The ceremony was attended by Freemasons from all over the country, with many expressing their congratulations and admiration for the recipients of the awards. It was a proud moment for the Essex Cornerstone Club and Lodge, who had worked hard to achieve this recognition.


The event was a reminder of the rich history and traditions of Freemasonry and its enduring relevance in modern society. Freemasons continue to promote charity, integrity, and brotherhood, with events like this providing an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of its members.


Overall, the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was a momentous occasion, and the recipients of the awards will continue to be an inspiration to their fellow Masons, and serve as an example of the values that the fraternity embodies.


In addition to the ten members who were awarded first appointments and promotions, other members of the Essex Cornerstone Club and Lodge played a crucial role in making the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting a success. These members helped with the procession in and escorting brethren around the temple, ensuring that the event ran smoothly.


The members who helped with the procession in were responsible for leading the Provincial Grand Master and his Provincial Executive into the temple, and escorted brethren around the temple and ensured that everyone was in the right place at the right time. These roles required a great deal of coordination and attention to detail, and the members who performed them did so with skill and dedication.


Their efforts did not go unnoticed, and the Provincial Grand Master expressed his gratitude to all those who had helped make the event a success. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and the role that each member of the fraternity plays in supporting each other and promoting the values of Freemasonry.


The participation of these members highlights the importance of the wider Masonic community in supporting and recognizing the achievements of their fellow brethren. It is a testament to the strength of the fraternity that members are willing to come together to support each other and work towards a common goal.


In conclusion, the success of the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was a result of the efforts of all members of the Essex Cornerstone Club and Lodge. The awards given to the ten members recognize their individual achievements, but it is the collective effort of the entire fraternity that makes Freemasonry such a powerful force for good in society.

Bernie Axe Throwing

How much wood can Cornerstone chuck?

The Essex Cornerstone Club recently held a thrilling event at the Boom Battle Bar in Chelmsford. The activity of choice for the night was axe throwing. Eight members of the club were in attendance, ready to test their skills and try their luck at becoming the ultimate axe throwing champion.

The eight members of the club had to throw the axe at a wooden target, with points awarded based on where the axe landed. As the competition heated up, the tension in the air was palpable, with everyone trying their hardest to outdo each other.


After several rounds, it was clear that Dave Wilder was the one to beat. His precision and consistency throughout the evening earned him the title of the ultimate axe throwing champion. The event was a great success, with everyone leaving with big smiles on their faces and a sense of camaraderie that comes with shared experiences.

Overall, the axe throwing event at the Boom Battle Bar was an excellent choice for the Essex Cornerstone Club. It provided an opportunity for members to try something new, challenge themselves, and bond over a shared experience. Another great social had by all! We can't wait to see you at the next club event which is the Members Dinner at the In and Out Club in London.

2023 Members' Dinner announced

2023 Members' Dinner announced

The 2023 for our Annual Members' Dinner we will be heading to one of the most exclusive members clubs in London.


15th April we will be dinning at the The In and Out Naval and Military Club in the St James' Square tickets have gone on sale


These events are really popular so book now



Football Fever at Braintree

Football Fever at Braintree

A number of Cornerstone members met for our November social at the Boars Head Braintree to see England beat Wales 3-0


The football was great, the beer was great and the friendship was great all topped off with Pizza after the game! The only criticism was that it was a bit cold!


Our chairman DJ Bernie was in charge of the smoke machine and music at half time!

Cornerstone reached new heights!

Cornerstone reached new heights!

This weekend 6 members of the club embarked on climbing Mt Snowden in Wales.


The team started the climb at 9am making their assent up Pyg track. 

They traversed multiple rocky paths to reach the summit in just under 3 hours.


They made their decent down miners track where they stopped for a swim in the lakes. In total they covered over 12km and 23,000 steps.

They got back to the accommodation at 4pm for a well earned drink!

Congratulation guys a great effort by all!

Cornerstone's Annual Dinner 2022

Cornerstone's Annual Dinner 2022

February 5th saw the Club host its showpiece event; The Annual Members’ Dinner at The House of Commons. 70 Club members and guests were finally able to celebrate the restart of Freemasonry, and they certainly celebrated in style.

Joined by the Provincial Grand Master Paul Tarrant, the evening began with pre-drinks on the terrace overlooking The Thames. Brethren were then moved into the historical Churchill Room for dinner. During dinner it was announced that Bro Bernie Smith would become the Club’s new Chairman after the departure of W.Bro Jack Gilliland. Bro Bernie emphasised the importance of the Club to young Freemasons in Essex and in supporting one another throughout their masonic journeys.



Planning is already underway for the 2023 Annual Dinner so please keep an eye out for future announcements.

Squaring The Quarterdeck – Essex Cornerstone Dine Aboard Historic WW2 Warship

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